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Drafting is a universal language. It is the natural mother tongue of the mechanic in every country. He who has mastered this language can converse in it freely with fellow mechanics of every race and nationality—the American with the French, the Italian, the Swede, the German. It is the common language of metal workers, woodworkers, huilders, designers, and architects the world over.

Are you able to speak this language?

Have you had training and experience in drafting or related subjects? The amount that you have had, great or small, will furnish a basis for additional training, or possibly for specialization in some particular kind of drafting work.

Remember that this article is written for your benefit. If you are disabled from doing other kinds of work, you may find somewhere in this article information that will lead you to a doable occupation.

Actually. no occupation presents such opportunity for individual development as that of drafting. Many and varied are the discliplines of work that the draftsman is called on to perform. The engineer, architect, shipbuilder, topographer, and patent attorney make constant use of his or her originality and knowledge; to them, they are indispensable.

A machine or apparatus is going to be manufactured, a building is to be constructed, a ship is to be built, a map is to be made, an application for letters of patent is to be filed; the draftsman, or drafter as they are called today, is first to be called upon to draw the details for construction and to make such illustration of these things as are needed.

Although most of the draftsman's time is spent at the drawing table or in front of a CAD station, yet their relations with the designer and workers are of an intimate nature. Consulting with those who have the actual production of the machine or apparatus in hand, is necessary, and this consultation will carry him to the workshop and to the yards.

The draftsman must specialize. I can't stress enough the importance this part of his training. This modern age is one of specialization, which is a necessary result of the growing complexity of civilization.

The industrial field is large, and it is growing; the need for skilled draftsmen is keeping pace with that growth. More than ever at this time is America being called upon to produce.

Learning to draw House Plans, Site Plans, and Shop Drawings made easy!

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Being a former student of House Plan Drafting, Mechanical Drafting, and Site Plan Drafting, I highly recommend these courses to you if you want to become a draftsman. These are a great place to start off your career.


TimothyJanuary 1, 2013 Reply

Not to mention that students can take all three courses at Online Drafting Course Package Deal. http://maginvent.com

B. MarkumJanuary 9, 2014 Reply

They are wonderful courses. Your hard work, experience, and knowledge really shined through Tim.

Barry GOctober 15, 2015 Reply

I took the architectural course after reading this article. I have plans to take the rest later this year. Brovo Monty and Tim. You have done good in my book.

TimNovember 2, 2015 Reply

Hey, I appreciate your praise... More to come...

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