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The Process of Writing a Good Article

The process of writing a good article involves four basic steps. The first would be choosing a subject and limiting it to the space and length which will hold the attention of your readers. The second would be analyzing the subject into its main points, which form the framework of the discussed s

Become a Certified Drafter

Are you earning enough a week to make ends meet? Can you reasonably expect your present job to pay you a top grade salary in the near future? If not, this article will probably interest you. We offer to qualify you for a profession which, at the very start, pays higher salaries than the average p

Opening Your Own Drafting Service

After you receive the necessary education from either a good technical school or from apprenticing under a professional drafter, architect, or engineer, many people venture out to open their own drafting service. Make sure though that you have enough training and e

A Review of House Plan Drafting

In order for construction companies to build homes and other structures, they must have plans for what needs to be built. A technician known as a drafter makes these plans. If you are interested in becoming one of these professionals, there is an online set of courses that teaches you

CAD Drafting Technology

The world of drafting changed forever in the 90's when CAD software became more exposed to the general population. Before CAD became the drafting industries standard practice Drafters would draw every line by hand with the use of a drafting board, and several hand


Drafting is a universal language. It is the natural mother tongue of the mechanic in every country. He who has mastered this language can converse in it freely with fellow mechanics of every race and nationality—the American with the French, the Italian, the Swede, the German. It is the com

Using the Old Drafting Board

Over the years as a draftsman, I have mastered several Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. AutoCAD, Generic CADD Level 3, Generic CADD 6, Generic CADD 3D, CadVance, TurboCad, and most recently, Chief Architect 8. Facts are though, I have been a drafter since the 1

How to Learn Architectural Drafting and Design Your Own Custom Home Floor Plans

Being able to own your own home is a great privilege. Many look forward to the prospect of it for many years, and then are only able to buy after saving for many years. Part of the cost of a new home, however, can be reduced if you learn how to draw your own floor p

About Mechanical Drafting

Mechanical drafting is not a piece of cake. It is a course that allows the students to look at the things with a new aspect. It enables the students or the mechanical drafter to identify an idea, item or a process in its uniqueness and refle

The Need For Drafting and Drafters

Everyone in the world speaks a language. The definition of language is the expression of thoughts in an understandable way. And if we want to b

Residential Electrical Drawings

There are certain drafters (draftsmen) who specialize in specific fields of drafting. There are some who actually subcontract to designers and architects to complete special plans like electrical, plumbing, HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning), site plans, structural detailing, cabinets, specia

Hiring Home Remodeling Contractor

For most homemakers, having reconstruction jobs in your home can be quite a decision. You don't want to just hire anybody as there is a huge potential for you to waste a lot of money along the way. While you're not purchasing any product, the services of your remode

Drafting Careers

Drafting fields vary by the type of drafting they specialize in. The various fields are architectural, structural, electrical and electronic, mechanical or machine, boundary and topographical, general, illustrative, and tracing or reproductive. And each of these fie

What Are Mechanical Assembly Drawings?

This article has been moved to http://mechanicaldrawing.us/index.php/2016/06/27/what-are-mechanical-assembly-drawings/

Site Selection and Solar Orientation

One of the fundamental aspects of site planning is the selection of the most advantageous terrain for a particular function. Of course, a favorable location of the chosen parcel is a boon to real estate agents, who routinely stress the convenience of accessibility.
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