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What is Digital 3D Space?

An important idea behind perspective is that every shape and object depicted on the projection plane sends a "ray" to the viewpoint, or our eye. Computer 3D applications rely heavily on this concept through a process called ray tracing. Imagine that all objects in a

Architectural Scales

In order that the dimensions of an object can be read with any accuracy, it's best to make the drawing to a certain scale, which in the case of house or commercial building plans is usually 1/4" = 1'-0". This means that every quarter inch of the drawing is considered to be one foot in actual

Planning On Landscaping? Landscape Designers' Tips For A Beautiful Yet Inexpensive Garden

One of the most important elements that can contribute greatly to the appearance of a home is the garden and front lawn. A clean and well-designed garden will definitely garner compliments from neighbours and even passers-by, but one that is disorganized and strewn

Tips on How to Prepare For Landscape Design Education

Tip # 1 : Development of Key Business skills Students are exposed to accounting, marketing, economics, personnel management and business law knowledge when they enroll into the landscape design program; they are also taught on how to prepare landscape estimate

7 Tips for SolidWorks Freelancers

This article has been moved to http://internetarticles.net/7-tips-for-solidworks-freelancers/.

How to Make AutoCAD Quicker and Easier to Use - 3 More AutoCAD Time Savers

This article is the second in a series of articles designed to make your AutoCAD drafting much faster and more productive. We got a lot of responses and good tips from our readers for the last batch of AutoCAD time savers, and have another set of them for you! Here

Mechanical Drafter

Mechanical drafting is the art of creating 3D models with CAD or computer aided drafting and design. These computer programs design 3D models which can be read by CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment. Mechanical drafters use special programs designed specifically for designing mecha

What is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Program?

Computer Aided Design, or CAD, is a type of software program that assists draftsmen and designers by quickly preparing accurate and detailed technical drawings on a computer. A CAD program mechanizes many of the routine drafting tasks previously done by hand. CAD permits completion of complex

CAD Drafter

The CAD Drafter is one who uses computer aided drafting or computer aided design software. These CAD technicians create CAD drawings, CAD design, 3D cad models, cad cam, 3d cad, isometric drawing, cad graphics, engineering drawing, working drawings, dwg drawings, and concept design to create

Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 9.0 Review

This software is one of the easiest of all the home designer software around. It can be used with just about any project like landscaping, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, deck construction, interior design, remodeling. It also has a cost estimation option to find out how much such projects w

AutoCAD: Pulse of The Drafting Industry

AutoCAD the design software application has changed the face of drafting industry ever since it was introduced by its developer Autodesk in the year 1982. The days of manual drafting have gone. AutoCAD has made designing and drafting easier and simpler. This software continues to be the popular c

Autocad and Revit

For those looking to get help with architectural design in a program which can support all the information you need, there is plenty from available out there. With autocad revit architecture suites you can get software which works for you. This software is incredibly flexible so that you can

What's in a Site Plan?

Even before a set of architectural drawings is created, it's necessary to determine if a building will fit on a piece of real estate. This is where a site plan comes into play. No complete set of architectural plans is really complete without the site plan. A site plan, also known as a pl

Mechanical Design And Drawing - the Cad Wonderland

Mechanical design and drafting has significantly benefited today's refined mechanical and engineering designers. Although. Some of the generally cited benefits include improved accuracy, efficiency along with easy interference inspection, better layout, labeling and

Collaborate AutoCAD Files to Boost Business Efficiency

With a shaky economy worldwide, companies are striving to boost productivity and remain competitive. As international markets decline, improved efficiency makes it possible to realize profits as others struggle to remain afloat. Software to collaborate AutoCAD files
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