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How to Create Primitive Solid Objects in AutoCAD

The basis of any AutoCAD 3D drawing are primitive solid objects. These can be created via the commands in AutoCAD or you can create your own 3D solids via other methods in AutoCAD. The solids available to create with commands in AutoCAD incl

AutoCAD Training - The Right Addition to Your Resume

Let's face it. The recession is not the best time to be job hunting, especially if you are a fresher with no experience. Huge unemployment figures translate to huge competition and getting your resume noticed over the masses can become quite hard. Taking AutoCAD (C

Three Ways To Train For AutoCAD

2010 has been an eventful year for Autodesk, with many new releases for AutoCAD users. With Autodesk releasing new AutoCAD software in 2010, apps and much more, of course the way we train for AutoCAD has altered. So expect to find in 2011 revolutionary ways to train

Importing New Objects AutoCAD to Max

The Derive Object By section offers three choices: *Layer: Object names are derived from the AutoCAD layer name. For example, objects on an AutoCAD layer named Floor would be named Floor.01, Floor.02, and so on in MAX. Deriving objects by layer is the most c

AutoCad Training Courses - What to Look For

Technology software has made its mark on several different areas and engineers, manufacturers and even those people who classify themselves as design professionals understand how important the right CAD training can be. For people w

AutoCAD Software - The Drafting Standard

It all started with architectural blueprints that were meticulously rendered by hand, often taking hours upon hours and lacking the exacting specification that computers can bring us. Then something known as AutoCAD software took the world by storm, completely changing the drafting game forev

7 Great Tips To Make Your AutoCAD Sessions More Productive

Since its introduction AutoCAD has become the industry standard for computer aided design. Often seen as somewhat of a black art CAD can seem like a time consuming exercise but there are ways to make yourself more productive. Below are seven ways to make your AutoCAD sessions much more produc

Design And Drafting Services

What is the scope of a Design and Drafting Services firm? Does it vary with the industry? Puzzling as a term? Normally Designers use Drafting as a service. So the obvious question is: who would hire the combo of Design and Drafting Services?
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