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As the name suggests, this directory is only for articles related to the drafting industry. Any other type of article submissions will not be accepted.

Guide to Article Submissions…

  1. Try to keep your article size above 250 words. It’s actually kind of hard to write an informative and meaningful article below this number.
  2. You may place 1 related link at the bottom or your article and up to 3 in your BIO section at the bottom of the article. Anything over this and we will consider it as spamming.
  3. Proper Grammar is a must. I realize that some of you are from China, India, and parts beyond where English is not your native language. With that said, and I’m not trying to be mean here, if your article contains what I call “Broken English”, the article will not be accepted. On the same token, if you are using an article spinner or translation program, please make sure the article makes sense before you submit it here.
  4. No foul language whatsoever will be allowed on this directory. Goes without saying I know but needed to be said.
  5. Please format with only one blank line between paragraphs. Also, do not use hard breaks in your article. Let the on board editor break your lines for you.
  6. We do not accept duplicate articles. When discovered – all copies will be deleted.
  7. Articles need to be put in the right category. Drafting board and home remodeling drawing articles, for instance, will not be accepted if they are put under Miscellaneous…

If you will abide by these guidelines, I promise to give your article every consideration and will promote it to the best of my abilities.

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